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About Our Services

Joanna Campbell provides the following Intermediary services for the vulnerable defendant (or respondent in Family Court proceedings): 

  • Comprehensive communication assessment, examining receptive and expressive language and other factors impacting communication

  • Thorough Intermediary report containing recommendations on best communication and other adjustments

  • Attendance at Ground Rules Hearing to discuss and ensure effective implementation of recommendations 

  • Attendance at conferences and meetings to facilitate and advise on communication

  • Attendance at all court hearings and trials to facilitate and advise on communication

  • Attendance at other stages of process to facilitate and advise on communication, e.g. suspect interviews, probation meetings

Joanna is trained to assist at all stages of the court process and has extensive experience in:

  • Simplifying spoken and written information

  • Explaining evidence and legal concepts in an accessible manner

  • Advising court and justice professionals on how best to communicate with vulnerable people with a range of difficulties and conditions 

  • Monitoring level of concentration and emotional state and putting effective management strategies in place

  • Providing and utilising appropriate communication aids 

  • Amending problematic questions and intervening effectively at the stage of giving evidence

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Does my client need
an Intermediary assessment?

The following questions may help you to decide...

1) Did your client attend a special school, receive a statement of Special Educational Needs or receive additional assistance with their studies whilst in education?

2) Does your client have difficulty finding employment or staying employed?

3) Does your client have difficulty with reading (e.g. requiring assistance to respond to letters)?

4) Does your client require support with day to day tasks (e.g. cooking, cleaning, self-care, travel, finances)?

5) Does your client have any diagnosed learning difficulties or mental health conditions?

6) Does your client have any noticeable difficulties with explaining him/herself clearly (e.g. getting ‘stuck’ on words, giving vague or incomplete answers, struggling to stay on topic)?

7) Does your client have any noticeable problems in understanding what you say (e.g. giving delayed, confused or irrelevant responses to questions, struggling to demonstrate understanding or retention of information)?

8) Does your client have any problems with staying calm and/or focused (e.g. losing his/her temper easily, showing signs of anxiety or distress, quickly becoming bored or distracted during meetings)?


If the answer to one or more of the above questions is ‘yes,’ it would be advisable for an Intermediary assessment to be carried out to determine what assistance your client may require in order to effectively participate in the court process.

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