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Below are some testimonials Joanna has received in relation to her Intermediary work. Please visit to make a referral. If you would like to give feedback on Joanna's services, please click on the button below. 

Testimonials: Services

"A Thorough Report"

It was a thorough report which will ultimately make the court aware of what support [the service user] requires at court for her to give her best evidence.

Testimonials: Testimonial

"Provided Excellent Guidance"

Clearly a very experienced intermediary. She provided excellent guidance and was invaluable during the preparation stages and the actual interview process.

Testimonials: Testimonial

"Brilliant at Explaining the Techniques"

Joanna was brilliant at explaining the techniques I should use to engage with [the service user] and seemed to know exactly the right moments to interject with suggestions.

Testimonials: Testimonial

"Very Professional"

Joanna was very professional and explained her role very well throughout the duration. She made herself easy to deal with and I found her helpful. [The service user] was also pleased with Joanna’s conduct throughout.

Testimonials: Testimonial

"A Pleasure to Work With"

Joanna Campbell was fantastic. It was a pleasure to work with her. She assisted greatly in this process. I hope to work with her again soon.

Testimonials: Testimonial

"Absolutely Invaluable"

Joanna's guidance was absolutely invaluable. Her thorough, professional approach made the vulnerable person really at ease.

Testimonials: Testimonial

"Fully Prepared"

Joanna was fully prepared for the conferences and the court hearings, bringing documents with her setting out the advice that had been given in easily understandable terms. She had clearly gained the confidence of the client and was willing to, when necessary and appropriate, intervene during conferences for the client's benefit. I would thoroughly recommend Joanna to others in need of an Intermediary.

"Puts You at Ease, Very Good at Explaining"

She puts you at ease, very good at explaining. I would have found it very difficult to understand what was going on without Jo being at court. (Service user)

"Professional, Extremely Knowledgeable and Experienced"

Mrs Campbell was fantastic. Her reports were prepared thoroughly and covered all issues required. Conferences were eased tremendously with her presence. In terms of questioning at trial, Mrs Campbell was not scared to interrupt counsel in order to look after the interests of the defendant ensuring that examination proceeded as smoothly as possible by both counsel. She reframed questions in advance and again in person, during questioning. She was not scared to instruct the Judge either, which was refreshing and was very much appreciated. She remained engaged throughout ensuring that the defendant understood everything that was happening and the appropriate arrangements were all made. She was professional, extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I will definitely be recommending her in the future and I HOPE that I work with her again down the line. I cannot speak highly enough of Mrs Campbell. 

"The Best I Have Come Across"

I cannot speak highly enough of Joanna Campbell. The assistance she provided was invaluable to the client, to me as the barrister, and to the Court. Joanna ensured that at every stage the client was able to understand and engage in the proceedings to the very best of her abilities. This included support during conferences, ensuring written summaries of evidence were provided (exceptionally promptly), preparing detailed and helpful timelines, ensuring very effectively that the client understood the evidence of professionals and ensuring the client was able to give her best evidence. The assessment document and the format of the summary Ground Rules Checklist was exceptionally helpful and meant that the Ground Rules hearing effective and went very smoothly. Throughout Joanna was personable and professional which meant the client was at ease and confident in the support she was receiving. I have worked with a number of intermediaries and can confidently say that the service provided by Joanna was the best I have come across.

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